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KT-Marketing were established in 2012 and are a direct response media agency based in Moorgate, London. We specialise in Email Marketing, Email Remarketing, Social Media, YouTube Retargeting and TV Advertising, as well as collaborating with a collection of the best qualifying floors in the UK.

We work with over 30 retained clients, both in the UK and globally, and specialise in the Alternative Investment, Property, Trading and Financial sectors.

Investment Leads

KT-Marketing currently manage a number of highly targeted marketing campaigns across every investment sector and have the ability to not only target specific countries for our clients, but also specific states and cities globally, through our CPL process. This is achieved by using a proven strategy that includes the production of several types of video advertisements, paid search, pre-roll and re-targeting on YouTube and within social media and Television.

We work with some of the largest media companies in the UK down to the smaller property specialists, and have built a reputation on our ability to introduce our clients to global investors who would be beyond their reach when working with other companies.

We have identified the need for our clients to look outside of the UK for continued sales and growth and have a number of products available to help you achieve this.

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We can offer a number of services including:

We have an extensive list of media companies and list owners with the experience and client focus to bring every campaign to a successful finish.

Lead Generation Companies

Due to the high number of campaigns that are run for our clients, we have an in-depth knowledge of the market and are unique in our ability to match your product with the correct Data source, thus ensuring maximum lead generation per campaign.


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