PPC Management

Pay Per Click PPC or Paid Search. Whatever term you choose to use, paid advertising is now the fastest way to grow a customer base online. If SEO is considered to be steady controlled growth, then Paid Search is the opposite, bringing instant traffic to your website. Many of our clients invest in both SEO and PPC and reap the rewards from having multiple listings on the major search engines. Pay Per Click campaigns run successfully alongside our email marketing, investment lead generation, property investment leads services and all other mareting services that we offer.

Keyword Research

The same as with SEO, choosing the right keywords to target is crucial to make sure spend isn’t being wasted. We use tried and tested techniques and research tools to keep your campaign on top and your ROI high.

Competitor Analysis

Pay Per Click isn’t just about what you are doing. We are constantly analysing what is working for your competitors, and even more importantly what is costing them money. We can then apply these lessons to your campaign.

PPC Strategy

No two businesses are identical, so no two PPC campaigns should ever be the same. We make it our priority to know your business and the industry that you operate in inside out, meaning we deliver results from the very start.

Adcopy Writing

Writing engaging adverts isn’t easy, so we will do it for you. We make sure that your ads are super focused, which means more traffic converts into paying customers. This results in you paying the lowest price possible per lead.

Ideas & Suggestions

We won’t take any chances. Part of our process is to constantly push the envelope of what’s possible in your industry. If we think a new technique is worth trying, we’ll discuss it with you first!

PPC Optimisation

We never consider a campaign set in stone. Circumstances change and things evolve. We refine and refocus constantly to ensure we are pushing the boundaries of performance and maximising return on investment.

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