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Ray Tomlinson sent the first email in 1971, or 78, depending on where you got it. This marked the beginnings of modern communication. Although the message was not unique, it was a collection of numbers and letters that looked more like an email password than a message. However, its significance was significant.

The email travelled from one computer to the next through a network of computers similar to today’s internet. Tomlinson introduced the “@” symbol to email addresses around the world.

Gary Thuerk, Marketing Manager at Digital Equipment Corp, sent the first commercial email many years later. The message reached several email addresses. Email marketing was born. Although there were only a few hundred names on the list, it was enough to give Thuerk the “Father Spam” title.

We are inundated today with email campaigns. While some of it may still feel spammy, there is no denying that a well-crafted message can positively impact customers, not to mention CRM or lead nurturing.

Email marketing allows you to connect with your audience in order to increase sales and promote your brand. It can be used to sell products, share news, increase your cart abandonment, or tell a story.

Why you should consider hiring a specialist agency


Aden Andrus* December 27, 2019

Email marketing can be a great way for you to make the most of your online marketing efforts. For over 40 years, it has been a great way to build relationships and drive sales. It’s also very hard to beat with an average ROI of five times investment.

It can be difficult to create and implement an effective plan. This is because you will need to write many emails and understand the various aspects of email marketing, such as timing, building and maintaining subscriber lists, drip marketing, and where to find them.

This can make it difficult for many businesses with limited resources and time to devote their  strategies to delivering great results. This is where an expert agency might be a good option.

You might be tempted not to get into email marketing if you don’t have the time, experience, or resources. You are not alone. 44% keep it out of their budgets.

This is a shame because it can be one of the most effective online marketing investments. Consider hiring an email agency if you are having trouble making it work or simply don’t have enough time.

Let’s now take a look at the benefits  and how to get started. Does that sound like a plan to you? Let’s get started!

Do you need to do Email Marketing?

Before we get into the reasons you might–or may not–want an agency to help you, let’s take a moment and discuss whether you should invest in it. Email marketing has been a dinosaur from the early days of online marketing. It’s been around for only a few decades, but with the digital industry’s speed, it’s almost prehistoric. ).

Although it may seem old, it is one of the most tried and proven online marketing channels. Although it has been around for more than 40 years, it has evolved a lot over that time. As a result, email marketing is now a highly effective method to market your company.

Still don’t believe me? These statistics are interesting to read.

72% of US adults prefer email communication from businesses.

As we have already mentioned, every dollar spent on an effective email marketing campaign generates thirty-eight dollars.

80% per cent of retail businesses believe it is the most effective channel to retain customers.

The average customer who purchases something after receiving your email will spend 138% less than the rest.

Simply put, your potential customers, leads, and clients would like to hear from you via email. They expect it. This is what marketing calls a “golden chance”. So why not take advantage of all that potential?

An email marketing agency can be a great way to have your cake AND eat it, too, especially if you don’t have the budget to hire an internal manager to manage your email campaigns. It’s often the most cost-effective and effective way for businesses to move their campaigns in the right direction.

Here are some reasons to hire an agency

We have already discussed why an email agency might be a good idea to help your emails stand out in your customers’ inboxes. But, if you are still sceptical, here are five reasons why an email marketing agency may be the right choice for your business.

  1. It’s too hard

Email marketing appears simple on the surface. However, it shouldn’t seem difficult for most people. We all write emails every day.


You can certainly create an email and send it to your subscribers. But don’t be surprised when you don’t see any results. A marketing email is a different thing than a personal email or business email. Campaigns that appear simple are often the result of much thought and effort.

Most people aren’t good at email marketing. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to put together an efficient email.

You could figure it out yourself. You could, but would you be able to learn a new skill? Perhaps not.

You don’t need to be a writer or have hundreds of hours available to learn how to email market; it’s possible to cut down the process by hiring an expert email partner. As a result, you will get better results and faster than you think.

  1. You’re Getting Poor Results

Given what we just discussed, it shouldn’t be a surprise that many businesses struggle to get that 38x return-on-investment. Why? This is not because email marketing isn’t working for them, but because they don’t know what they are doing.

Emails can fail for many reasons. If you are new to email marketing, it may seem like you’re lost in the dark.

An excellent agency has seen it all. Their experience with many clients means they have a wealth of knowledge and skills that will help you maximise your campaigns’ effectiveness. They can help you get the results that you want by using headlines, pre-headers and calls-to-action.

  1. You are wasting your time and money

Suppose you don’t have an extensive background in email marketing. In that case, most of your time or that of any employee responsible for it will be spent learning, tweaking, and figuring out how to do it. Your emails will be less effective if you don’t have the right skills or pay someone to do it.

This can be a costly investment from the beginning.

Although it doesn’t cost you any extra, it might not seem like as much as hiring an agency to do email marketing. However, there is a potential cost to learning about it. It can also be very expensive.

You don’t need to invest in the learning curve if an agency is hired. However, you may save time and money by having your agency immediately start delivering results.

  1. All you can do is keep the lights on

Email marketing is time if done correctly. Unfortunately, marketers and their teams are already overwhelmed. It is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of effort. This can often mean that your strategy isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

Even worse, if you and your team are able just to get your newsletter out, it means that you’re not doing the things that will allow your email marketing success.

Personalisation. Segmentation. Testing. Automation. Scoring. Email drips. These are just a few of the many email marketing strategies that can make your campaigns great. However, it can take some time and effort to set them up correctly. A professional email service agency can help you manage all the details so you can focus on your core competencies.

  1. You spend too much time in the Trenches

You know your business better as a business owner than anyone. Marketing directors have the vision and strategy for your brand. This is where your efforts should be focused and not on the details of creating drip campaigns.

It’s easy for you to lose sight of the bigger picture when you spend too much time on your own strategy. It’s easy to get lost in the details and lose sight of the bigger picture.

This is a serious problem.

An email marketing agency can help you stay focused on what really matters. A good email service agency can provide you with strategic and tactical advice and suggestions to help you do your job more effectively. This puts you in control of your destiny and ensures that you do what you need to do.


If you are looking to make email marketing a success and have no internal resources, then hiring an agency could be the best decision you make for your company. Many companies cannot afford to hire an entire team but can afford an agency.

It’s a great investment because of the results an email marketing strategy can deliver.

If you would like to see the benefits of an agency for your business, please let us know or leave comments. We would love to make email marketing a key part of your online marketing strategy.

Are you a client of an email marketing agency? How was it? Do you have any advice or tips to share? Comment your thoughts below.